Thoughts and Dreams


I thought of scribbling, and sharing my thoughts to myself. So that I wanted to know, to what extent I can jot down my ideas. I wanted to know what extent my dreams are. It has become daily habitual, of doing the same old routine things. Even having lunch and dinner has become a ritual. So I thought of doing something by which my heart gets pleased.


 In nowhere in this world, one can satisfy his own dreams. Dreams are those things which give aspiration in one’s life. They do contribute in one’s thinking. It does help in attributing goals and on the other side; but too many dreams do make a person lazy. As such I am dreamer, but I don’t know what I think and to what extent I think. At every instance of my life, the way I think about myself and the surrounding environment has changed. May be this might be due to the maturity level one has gained or you can say may be due to the experience one has gathered in his life. Everyone has a dream of becoming something or the other in life. But it’s only the fate which decides the flow of path, like a stream evaluating its path. It also depends on what emotion quotient a person is. Usually the pain part of one’s life is more recognized, as it keeps on repeating in one’s mind and due to which we try to analyze all the circumstance which may or may not happen in near future. Dreams are fantasizing and fascinating too. These do give a real picture of what we have not come across and what we are going to come across. I simply believe, one day I would be dreaming about the dreams which I would like to see. So that it pleases my heart in more pleasant manner and so that it helps me in delivering a true picture of myself to me.



4 thoughts on “Thoughts and Dreams

  1. It is never fruitless to dream shiva. “the fate decides flow of our path” is only true for a person who seizes to believe in the true potential in thyself. Fate and karma are nouns to be given a thought about after a while in life, not now!
    Cheers to have taken the initiative to go ahead and let your thoughts be known to the world. There are millions of people just like me who enjoy reading.
    All the best, I am sure you shall fall in line with various tricks of blogging soon. tc

  2. Very well written Shiv! Dreams indeed keeps us going! They are ever-pleasing to the heart! Even I keep on dreaming so many things regardless of their possibility to turn into reality. But I still love to dream, as it always gives me an unexpressible happiness! Frankly speaking, we human beings are mad. We try to hide from the bitter and monotonous reality and love to find solace in our Dreams- a world perfectly tailor-made for us! As they provide us with immense joy which is though temporary but ethereal! I realy wish we could someday live the life of our dreams! 🙂

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