“A Dream Unsure……”

I had just got up from my bed, and was still feeling drowsy enough; it was as if I had less sleep from several days. I just got up and went to remove blinds and I observed from my window that rain had lesser sleep than me. It was pouring down heavily. Earlier morning monsoon had arrived, and miniature sparrows were taking shelter at a manmade shelter under the roof, there was enough space between roof tiles and purlins, just to accommodate them. The early enchanting of those birds and the sound of the rain, with smell of rain in the air, made as if there was aroma filled up in air with a faint music, and  it really made me fresh enough. My mom just arrived and handed me a cup of coffee, while sipping my coffee I just when into my thoughts. There were numerous thoughts impounding into my head. All were pleasant one, the same as the weather. I was woken up by a beep, and then I realized it was my friend’s message, that she would be arriving shortly. We had a group of five and use to study during exams, now others seems to busy, so she was the only hope to study with. I had forgotten about her intimation earlier and now was in hurry to wind up as soon as possible, and so that everything appeared neatly, as she always liked a nice and tidy room.

 Later on had my showers done and was ready, enough in sneaking time before she arrived. I was attracted at once by her looks; her hairs were damp enough, which made her, look more attractive and on that her sparkling eyes and elusive smile, made me go away. I was taken aback in to the normal world and thought of better being engaged in our studies. We started with how well we were doing on preparations for the exams, and as we started we were well engaged in our studies, and within no time we were shifted to casual talks. It was then the slight intimation which I felt affectionate towards her. I was completely mesmerized in her talks, I had only one observation and that were her lip movements. I don’t know what she was saying, but I was simply smiling and dazing at her lips. In fact I was getting closer to her by now. There was something in her that I was attracted to, was it the atmosphere or was it the first instance look, which made me feel completely go, withered. There was no control, my mind and heart had completely blogged and I did not know what I was doing. As I was getting closer, my lips were shivering and I was stuttering in fear. It was her acceptance, which made me more comfortable in getting closer to her. As I was about to kiss, I fell down from my bed and came to know that I was dreaming, I woke up suddenly and tried to guess what was happening, there was no one in my room and I still lie in the bed thinking about it. I was completely shaken and wondering why I couldn’t complete the process. I was laughing at myself, that even in a dream I couldn’t make it. By now, I was completely charged up and went to remove blinds of my window and to my surprise it was still down pouring heavily and the same aroma which I had dreamt was in air. By now I was hoping, that my dream was going to be true, but with no unsure how it would end up, as I was unaware of the climax scene….


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