Thinking Out of Box…!

It was another day in my office, as usual was in front of my system and doing the same old monotonous work, my eyes were totally concerted on my work, but my mind and heart were somewhere else, busy searching in their own world. They both were dwindling, with no clear path where to go and what to do. It was as if I was stressed out more, or factually was stressing a lot by thinking that I was in a no where situation. By now I had shifted my gaze into a nowhere stance. I was just peeping out of the window but not realistically figuring out someone. My office was on the 17th floor, which did give a good look of the outside world; in fact the panes were shaded, with less light entering in and making the outer world hotter and brighter. Skies were clear, with clouds scattered, which were running to hide the deep encroachment of the sun rays. When I looked down, everything appearing to be tiny ants, which were following each other. Hardly could I see the greenery, everything was preoccupied with manmade structure, with no space available for the shelter of animals and birds. Infact we human beings were getting cruel and dominating, to satisfy our needs and less concerned for others. Was this the gaze what I was expecting or was there something else which I could satisfy by looking out of the window? I went into my deep thoughts again, that how a human does thinks to counterfeit his needs.

Every nation was busy in developing their own nuclear weapons, which could harass this world and kill the scarcity which they had, was it the fear of hunger or was it the fear of being overtaken, in no way we human were ready to . Infact every human being was now acting as we did it to the animals, as many of them by now had become endangered or extinct in this prevailing environment. Similarly in near future we would see the endangered humanity or nearly the extinct tradition which we had. Everyone wanted to be a superpower; everyone wanted others to listen. Was this the world which I was looking for?

Earlier there was meant to be peace in the world of violence and now everyone was trying to maintain peace which is in the urge of violence. The insurgent of terror in one’s mind, which is being made by the other mankind, in the name of the cast and creed. No matter what they think, the world will end and they will end, and with creation of their creed, which will again try to destroy, with no peace for soul and no rest for peace. Was this the Peace I am looking for?

There were days, one used to be a slave of the other world, one had no space for education. With no gadgets around and nor his mind dwindling out of the world. He used to stay in his limits. Having plenty of resources around, this would never vanish nor make him greedy which we are at present. But still he used to satisfy his needs, nor I am nor are you at present.


It was me and it was you, who were supposed to be responsible, neither you nor I took the lead, when it was required. A day will arouse, where you and I will be awakened, to see the world getting dark. We will come together to lite this world; we will come together in the name of mankind. At that time one would see that how much a man is kind towards his deeds, towards the nature which eventually will help him grow in long leads.


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