Being Lazy..!

It was another day which passed on, with nothing to do. As there was none, I simply lie in my bed and think of what would happen next or what if there is sudden alteration in my life. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to know, that what we really want. I was unable to view what was happening and what would have happened. Was it I was thinking too much or was it I should have been in present, but nevertheless my dream about dreaming would have been in vain, if I had won’t let everything go and think about ahead. It’s always pleasure to dream about good things which you want to and always annoying to think something worst about, but again on the other hand it would have been made me grow much stronger. Sometimes it’s fun to watch one being alone, where there is no one to intrude your thoughts. I was simply fazed, that time was been wasted with no physical output being done. This made me to move and I finally stood up and was moving around. Later on found some foodstuff, which I grabbed in and again crumbled back to my bed. My mind being fragile was looking around, seeing my room which was more disturbed than me. In no time again I stood and went on for a stroll looking around in search of which I never knew. I saw, everything displaced here and there, my novels talking to each other that when will I get over, half read and half unread. My laptop with swollen eyes, as it was long time when I allowed it to sleep. Buds in kinky position, with cramped in one ash tray as if it was an overloaded bus with no space to move, hanging at the door never know when it would drop off. I saw my ceiling, which had a fan, staring at me in a slow motion which was getting irritated by seeing me whole day in same position. My cozy bed which once was happy and chubby had now reduced weight by taking continuous burden of me. Once it was clean and now had many things scattered on it. Those were my blankets which were half sharing with me and half sweeping the ground, by which it had lost its mind of serving its actual purpose. I saw my hall, with all the dust and grounded gravels which came from different places as and when foots went outside. It was all due to my shoes, which was filthy enough to carry those things. Footwear’s unpaired, as if couples were dispersed and moving with others as if in mood to find their right pair which was busy enjoying with others. It were the socks which made them no way to move, and they asked me, that when I was going to get their bath done. I felt unhealthy and really annoyed on what I was doing to keep myself in a better place. This made me think and my thought made me work.

No matter what it was, I thought now it was high time of dreaming and it was necessary to  come back to the real world, it would be better that I would woke up and get my work done. This was the way how a bachelor lived, with parts done and with few undone. Laziness had overtaken me and now it was burden to get the work done. Being lazy was not a good thing but understanding it and accepting it was far more important. Thoughts arise when you are enough lazy, but these thoughts needs to be given some shape and for that instance it’s our initiative which will help, rather simply cursing on the present situation and doing undone. This realization made me motivated and hence by which I began my work.


2 thoughts on “Being Lazy..!

  1. I know you personally.. Lazy chaap, if you are enjoying lazy life then well and good.. otherwise I seek your immdeiate action on all sort of things (which you elaobotared so nicely)..!

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