My Desire …!!

It was you who brought happiness in my life; my world was strangled before and now entangled in love. It was you who made me feel that there was someone beside me at every moment of my life. I was in a nowhere land, searching for answers within. There were questions asked about, and there were answers none. As I walked in my life, I came at numerous junctures; I was made to take decision, without knowing where to go. I was alone whole of my life, just spending whatever I earned; it was only the self belief and respect which carried on. There were my parents awaiting, thinking their child will cherish in his life and it was me who was meant to keep up their promises. This made me even stronger to move on into the turbulence.

One day I was strolling around, with not many responsibilities in my life. Then I saw those glittering eyes, which had a sparkle within, the way you caressed your hairs at every instance and witty smile without any reason. Which definitely was a reason making me go around. It was those early moments, which made me gasp, making me lose out of my mind. Neither my heart nor my mind was about to listen. There was a fear of approachability; there was a fear about me conversing with you. It was hard to make up my mind, as if me going to a war. Somehow I sneaked in and it was my luck that I got a chance to get closer to you. As days passed on, our relationship bridged away and there were many cherishing moments in our lives. For you it was our friendship which was noticeable and for me it was our love which was thawing upon me. By now I had to make it clear and make a simpler way to pave you in my heart.

This is me as simple as I was, with no burden put on to you; it was important that I give you ample amount of time, to understand me and our relationship, to know me well within how I was. I would have taken care at every moment of my life that you remain unhurt and all those sorrows lay upon me and with happiness upon you. Consider me in to your life and I will make your life more cherishing henceforth. This would run out in pages with no definite end but my feelings are with you and I hope by now you have known me well. I would accept with what you are and my acceptance lies with you, no matter even if you refused. You will find me at every moment of your life as a true friend.


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