Transition of Life….!!

One day I was walking alone, as usual I was mesmerized in my own world and was moving on. The path paved on into beautiful developments, the trees beside the road giving ample amount of shade. I was just following the shade, figuring out what it was saying to me. Traffic being very less made me more comfortable to move on. It was the wind which was whispering into the branches of trees and sharing what other trees were saying in and birds chirping along. I was mused to know that I was not alone in my journey of life. I was not knowing why did I traveled this path or was I venturing into search of a new one. Never knew what could be the obstacles in my path, as such travelling so far had crossed many, this made me learn, which made me earn some in a good note and in some other. There was fear about being caught in to middle of twinge of thorns; there was fear that someone was watching me as if I was going to be abducted. By now I had covered much distance and there was no looking back, and I thought of moving on.

At very first instance, it was happiness which was cruising up my mind. I was baffled by the thoughts which ran into my spine. It was those early days, I was cuddled up for every wrong thing I did. I was made to dream, that one day you will be an icon, I was pondered upon to feel of warmth and goodness, the sense of hot and cold, I was loved by everyone, even when I cried. For every good occasion’s, I was the first to get noticed. I was made to be far away from all the evils and no matter what it was I never used to be in pain. The stories which were said had a moral to be learnt and were explained in a dramatic way. This was my childhood, which in no lesser words could be explained. Everyone does miss this one and do laugh whenever they go way behind.

Then came those days, wherein I was made compulsorily to attend school. I never knew what bunking was. Every afternoon mom used to come with full of dishes to serve in. I used to attend those classes and was made to learn what happened long ancient ago and what science fiction was all about, with all those number games and tricky formulas which till now bounces my head. It was a routine to make my mom run around to get ready myself, the way she cuddled me, combed my hair and tied knots of my shoes. The way I used to enact upon to get my daily chocolates before I go to school. Later coming back home, with all those plans to get rid of homework and to just concentrate on friends and games. I used to think that why I used to get scolding from elders, I used to think when I will be their age to scold upon others. It was funny and I still giggle upon whenever I remember. I suppose same happened when you were though.

Now I was grown up kid, attending my high school, was made to carry on my own, it was as if I was left alone to learn bicycle of my life. With elders staying far away and making me to learn from every fall I get. The glossy image of everyone’s life; wherein every heart is about to fall. With less disregard to the pain which was got. Pondering upon neighbors and their where about. Every smile of a girl, made me feel more comfortable, with all the options to fall upon and in no time our school was ended, with all those get-togethers and send off. Wherein everyone cried with heart disheartened, that they would miss their school life and most importantly friends and no one knew in near future where everyone would be placed. Those were days which everyone cherished and make our eyes damper whenever we think. I hope this was the same when you used to be yourself.

It was the struggle of our life, wherein we were competing with everyone to get into engineering or in medical. No matter I sneaked in to engineering. Met people who were nevertheless different from earlier one I had faced. I never knew that one day I will be closer to you. Maturity played an important role, deciding the role of our life which we were going to face. Every heart and mind had the liberty to move upon. Some mingled and some dangle and some relations which moved on for years. The days of proxy attendance and the chits of memorandum we prepared for exams, which else couldn’t be solved. The averages in internals to be scored upon, so that to suffice our passing percentages. The way we failed and moved upon with the backlogs. The nights we used to spend at a friend’s place, enjoying every sip of tea and all the gossip around and again promising that we will start studying from next day. Then comes the dooms day of our final enchantment, wherein either of us used to get placed or else would remain jobless, searching for jobs in and around the city. Those were days with all those tensions and mixed up reaction, which till now I remember, what if I had done something else other than this. I hope it was a similar feeling when you were in those days.

It was the corporate world with all those mesmerizing sparkling offers which would face off some day. With the same application of common sense, which we call engineering, nevertheless we never used the application of integration or differentiation. It was all those formal talks and never knew who were friends and foes embedded in your life. Every step had to be taken care, knowing the effect what it would cause on our lives. The daily saga of getting undone with overloaded work, which never refused to ease off. Battering done by the words of my seniors, this would itch me up and made me to get over it. The nights spent hanging on with friends will full of overdose and early morning with swollen faces. Wish would be boss of me one day; with no one to direct me towards my work. Waiting for the appraisals with all the eagerness in eyes and would fade in a day, when someone unworthy being paid more than you. Coming back to home with all those filthiness and having a smile on face, as if nothing had went wrong. Taking utter care of parents and enjoying at weekends. I wish why I was staying far away from home and why I was staying away from me.

With all those desires to be a successful entrepreneur one day; to make the world go around you. Was it the same with you?

This was the journey of my life, which is still moving on; with no end to it, with all those potholes unseen, which made me fall, which made me stand by and which made me learn, some in good notes and some in others. This made me stronger and durable to face off every situation of life, as if thunder storm impounding on you, making you more weakened and making stronger eternally.  I was the same as I was earlier, it was the circumstances which had changed, and it was the surroundings which had changed. But it was you who always remained with me. It was the hope, desire to move on, aspiration to achieve more, it was you who was there in all phases of my life. In name of parents, in name of a family member who stood upon and it was you all unforgettable friends. Nevertheless the list would go on and on. I hope one day I will be there for you at every instance of your life because journey of life never ends, it’s the transition which happens.


2 thoughts on “Transition of Life….!!

  1. Nice end to the epic description of life 🙂
    I wish every person in this world recognizes this zeal which is latent and makes umpteen utilization to remain happy forever.
    Being ambitious is not a crime. Having peak aspirations is not being foolish. Have a dream. What matters more is how you enhance this dream to make it a reality, Shiva, these words of yours will keep reminding me that you still game about entrepreneurship. Be sure I am on the verge of a breakthrough!
    Cheers! keep blogging your heart out.

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