I was the way I used to be, but your thinking paved me away.

I was the way I used to be, but you acceptance changed me.

Was that I, I used to realize. I came to know that my belief on you had brought me away.

When I used to be dumb, you believed me that I was the other way around.

I never used to believe that you were in love with me. I thought it was mere friendship which brought us together. It was the disbelief on me that I was way too behind when regarded to thinking of you.

There was a day, the way you tried to approach me, the way you giggled around your friends, and passed on a comment when I used to be a passerby. I thought it was another way of insulting me and indulging me in my personal affairs.

I was no way near to you, but still you managed to be the one who crook my heart.

I was the one, who always used to criticize you, who always used to give one or the other reason to run away from you.

No matter what it was, I was unable to come up with.

Was it the fear or coward, which made me far away.

It was you who came into my life, who soothed me and made me much more charmer and I was melted away.

It was your words which always found its way in the harsher jungle of my vein.

It was the jovial smile, which made me rethink on every step which you used to come up on me.

I was in a no man’s land, where there were no human with heart full of kindness.

I was made irony, hard to believe on me, then how could I speak out my heart to you.

You entered my nutshell with all those blossoms and made me boomerang away.

I was hard to crack, as such with all those softness hidden in me.

It was the warmth, the goodness, and your giddiness which made me comfort and go mad around you.

I was changed, and it was you who had given me enough chance to enter into your life.

I was thankful that I was the one, in spite of mistakes and commitments, which I used to think was the mountain to climb upon. It was you who showed me the path.

The path of well being and easiness, the path of being in love with all those immatureness, the tenderness which made me feel that I was easily being engrossed in you.

I never knew and never came to know, that I had entered your life and now it was the two souls which were speaking around, with one faith and one life to go.

With the springs in the air, and no one around, as such we ignored if any.

With hands in hand and moving around, with all those passion and dreams in our eyes.

I will be thankful that I was alas! Recognized by you, and giving me shelter in your heart.

May this love never fade, with all those storms in the air, even if anyone made us apart. I will be yours till I die.


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