The Change Unseen….!!

Sometimes it happens that, you try to think, but still you don’t know what to. You put your efforts to think further, to do something, but still you are in the same position. You try to get annoyed by yourself, with all the problems impounding on to you, with all the boredom and many backlogs which try to deepen the fissure. You are no unsure what are you doing, how will you come out of it. Until you find a way to keep away from your thoughts. But it’s the reality which you have to face, keeping others contented, keeping yourself happy. These problems do arise as you are a common man. You always feel that others beside you are happy; you always try to compare with others and start to degrade yourself. You always feel lonely in a group of people. You are the one who makes sulk out of your life. By never being letting confidence in to you, then how will you hope to see changes in your surroundings. It’s your behavior which will affects the most; it’s your thinking which makes you so. Try to resolve your problems. As you are not the only one who is surviving in this world. No matter there will be people who come and go, he/she may or may not be with you all the time. It’s your turn to learn from them, it’s your turn to change your life. By not letting your confidence go, and by standing up rise in every moment of your life. When you look in the mirror, you will find a mirage which was not earlier you, you will ask yourself “Was this I to be?” You try to figure out what was the thing which made u put in such a situation, but still you have no answers to it. Sometimes you try to question yourself, you try to scratch your head and creep in too, and you still find the same dumbness as before. It’s the grumpiness, your rudeness to accept the changes in life you want to be as the way you are, by not letting in others. It won’t happen until and unless you try to be practical and adjust yourself with the flow. You try to open your heart and come out like a flying bird, which others feels that, it is the one which is having more freedom then we are. No matter in fact even the bird is endangered, searching for food, and searching for life. These were the views of a downgraded person I met and at every time I was trying to console him. As if I was the outright idol, to answer his questions.

One day the same person struck me into my life again. He was laughing, and rejoicing for every moment he had with us. He was never the same, past was his experience of continuation with and present he was living with and already had some plans for his future to do. Even if they failed, he had other choices to go around with. Infact he had developed so many options and had kept himself busy. He was never the same before. It was his charisma and ease in flow for every situations or problems he was facing with. He took it has a challenge and never sulked about it. It was his confidence which was speaking about and it was his experience towards the life, which had made him much stronger and made me think even stronger than he was.

Life would never be the same, until we pass on and continue to live in with all those jest and happenings which merry go around. We try to encircle among ourselves, and never try to look beyond it. There is a world waiting for us and there are people who think we will bring back them into their life. Every person tries to develop a circle which he is happy with, and when emotion strikes, it’s hard for him to digest the same. At every stage of life, he has certain radii maintained for every individual who come by. Try to come out of it and see the world which is more beautiful than it was. You would never be the same as you were before. Sadness is beautiful when we try to come out of it and try to learn from it has an experience and when we help others too in the same way. As such happiness is not self-contented within us; it only grows when we see the same in others and the same we let grown in. No matter what, it is easy to say and easy to believe in, as we know it’s harder when we do it and imply it in ourselves first.


2 thoughts on “The Change Unseen….!!

  1. At a certain point in time, tears engulfed but as I have sustained the frequent storm of melancholy in life; I came back to normalcy. Certain things in life are never achieved even after repeated enthusiastic attempts. Some try better options and a few like me stick to the bare reality. I guess the time to change our attitude and conception of life has arrived. There needs to be a radical shift in our lifestyle Shiva. B/w I am mailing you the details of “Publications”.
    tc 🙂
    Well described script.

  2. In descent manner you have described the confused state of mind.. It happens with everyone.. You considered it with all angels.. There is saying-“change is the only constant thing on earth”.. So we have to go with this natural process…!
    Keep up..!

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