Well I was obnoxious; as such it was hard to feel me. I was moving lethargically with no reasons to be.  There was no one who could be me around. Everyone were trying to be superiors to others, everyone had their own sad up stories, which were considered  to somewhat hell in their own experience and it was , as if there was no who had, and  as if there were non who were acceptable. We human being feels that we are the superiors to everything may it be happy, sorrow, thinking ability when considered to other animals. But we were cruel to our own mankind, we were unreasonable to ourselves, we were unacceptable to ourselves.

I was one of these, with no motivation, no goal in life. I used to move on with what I had. It was selfishness; it was wantonness which made me more immoral, which made me that I was insufficient in my life. As such it was asking me more every time I used to meet. As I was unable to meet my natural needs. Inflation was at high. Oil prices were unbearable. Even the natural food grains, which once used to be available, were used to search, were price able and were changing every instance of time. As a farmer, he used to sell it to get his barter. He used to think his family of five, himself, his wife and his children. Who were considering being future generation. For them it would be fossil fuel, for them it would be the picture which we would show. No matter even the unbearable environment, even the living organisms were getting to an end. Tigers in India were countable at hands, whereas we human beings were not. Archaeopteryx, dinosaurs and mammoths were considered vestige for us who was far away from for future generation. We used to plant thousands of plants on environment day, which we never considered to water them 364 days, exceptional one day when we planted and hardly rained. Whereas we human being for the sake of us, for the name of economy and infrastructure we used to cut millions of trees unnamed. Olden houses were made to be of teak wood and amber and now it was the concrete jungle which was speaking about, with all those inefficient and enormous energy wasted for the sake of money and surveillance. With high difference in capital income. Wherein poor people used to be of no man’s land and I used to think and watch in what way I could be helpful for their one day existence of life. I used to visit hill stations for the sake of peace, which was crowded now. Every nature and sign board speaking about saving them and I was the one who used to watch them. I was a passerby; I used to see the movements of all those trees with wind flow. I used to stop and think was there a message in them. Was there something I could read them. With invent of a thing in a good name which was used in other way. I never thought that we were supposed to be in such a way.

I was deprived and wanting to do something in my life. For the sake of me and environment, for the sake of humanity, wherein every human being was corrupted and was unanswerable to himself. I thought I was honest in my doing for the growth of my country. But there were none who could come up with me for the growth of everyone. We were selfish; we were bound with all those normality’s of emotions, tragedy and happiness. I was one of them even after being honest. Every other person used to give example of other country their growth in terms of ethics towards human being, towards growth of infrastructure and their personal life with all those malls and high rise buildings coming up. I used to think why we can’t be the same with our country in our work even after all those allegations. I was the same as you and was sorry to be called as human.

We do remember of the past of nature unveilings in name of tsunami, typhoons and earthquakes with all those disaster to take the load of filthiness. I suppose now it’s the time to wake up and come up with all those inventions and discovery in our thinking ability. We are in fact inferior to all those animals around. I suppose there will be a day when we will rise; the earth will rise in name of these.


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