Unplugged Emotions…!

There was a day, when I used to dream about being an aspiring star, which one day would shine and would stand alone in night, sparkling and twinkling with more brightness as every day passed. As darkness arrived at nights, I used to be at top of my roof and used to see every zillions of star shining in. I used to talk to them, wondering that one day I would get a response from them. I used to ask all those questions or dilemma I was passing upon, with no answers with them and nor with me. I used to stroll around and would see people moving with full of zest on the streets. With every smile I found, there was a quandary which was hidden in them. I used to wonder, when all those problems would be solved. It was the tolerance which was varying with everyone had. Some would stand tall alone with all the rifts which could have broken apart and some would break out so easily and would shatter away as a broken glass. It was the swirl, which would make one’s thinking more complicated. Some would come out and some would get pinned away. I used to think that I had a dream about doing something in my life, but there were things which were making more distorted in my way. When the happiness was on its way, I saw that it was knocking my door, which made me smile, which made my heart lighter, but there were too many doors which were open, with little happiness at the end to move upon. I used to get the left over as it passed away. There were the emotions & sadness, which was the counter part of him. It used to knock every door, but very few doors left opened. With all those sadness, piling upon, it was mere transfer from one end to the other and finally it was a burden who would withstand it all. It would somehow sneak in with minute gaps available as the air moved in, destroying all the happiness which I had upon. Nevertheless with all those pains I used to stand and think that one day, that happiness would destroy all the emotions I had. It was the hope, it was the dream and it was the aspiration which I had. Life was meant to move and was a journey with those entire acceptances and with all those rejections, of all those things which passed upon. It was never the same and it would never be the same. Life was meant to be a learning with every day passed upon. Every time every moment, looking aback and moving ahead. Looking at the sky and praying upon, that one day there would be someone in the name of God, who would listen me and would take me away in the land of happiness and peace. Which everyone would dream upon.

We humans were made to think and encircled among the belongings which we had. We used to think of those people, by which we would get affected. Never thought of being independent when it came to sorrow, we used to entangle everyone and distribute all among us or else we used to gulp all those we had. It would pain and it would remain in every part of me, as it was indigestible which would remain in my brain, in my way of thinking and in my way of expression. It was the happiness, which would defy upon making me free of thoughts, which would remove barrier I had, which was developed earlier with what I had. Life was meant to be imbalance, sometimes happiness riding upon the sadness and sometimes the other way. It was important on what note we took and in what note we delivered to this earth, which would sway and which would shake, with all those burdens upon.


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