Vague Fear…!

I was away from my thoughts these days, tried hard to keep busy in many other activities, so that no thoughts repeat in my mind or else it would have scratched my head entering into my  nerves, making me more vigilant and fragile, as if it was really affecting me within, if I had not thought about the same.

Either they were relevant or would be the other way. I had heard that it’s the man’s boredom, when he has no work to do and if he gets too much pressurized then his elasticity towards level of stress would have stretched till a limit and would have busted out. Stress in our lives was similar to Hooke’s law. Till these days had never thought in our own lives.

I don’t know why, why my mind invariably thinks in a way, which my heart breaks in. Sometimes it’s the soft feelings evolving around, which make my mind to go far away or else it would be the other way. Never one would think, whether the thought process which we were trying to evolve was really going to happen in our lives.

It is said that let one dream, so that his aspiration becomes the goal of his life. It is never so easy to be with; as such dreams are never worthiness. Sometimes it is the other way, which always make me remind of what has to be done or what needs to be done. Making me move from the present state, and always leaving with me burdens alive, the worthiness of the present time passed would never have been recognized and would never been rejoiced by always thinking of the other state. One which could not be changed and was about the past and one which was yet to come and was about the future.

It keeps on poking, and keeps on repeating, like a woodpecker pecking in the wood to form its nest, but this nest would be the home of all those emotions or the surveillance present in our heart and mind. Even if we try to move away with it, it would become heavier and harder to carry on with.

It’s always easy to share an advice to others, who are undergoing in their lives into different scenarios. But when it comes to us, we become shaky enough, every time we become more conserve and think it was really hampering our lives. It’s as if we are running away from the danger and hiding into our protective shell of a tortoise. We never try to give advice to our own self being, to our own soul, which is already in a molten state, not ready to accept anything.

Nevertheless, those moments, those hardships are passed, without making much havoc or a crater in our heart which we had thought earlier. Until then we always thought we were the only suffers till the end. It all happens in a sudden, you never know whether to gulp it or not. We are in a state neither to move nor to stand. But once decisions are made, there is no way to repent it upon and we have to just move on.

It’s the fear, which always makes are conscience awake, which breathes in and out at every juncture of our lives. It is always there and will be there when we came into the world. It is meant for the supremacy among the races, to stand and withhold our status and to be alive, when the same species are about to kill for their survival.

Consider it has the fear or the survival or anything else which feels you ought the prime most factors affecting your life.

Ultimately it is with us to decide where we want to live in; every part of our lives can be enjoyed through our thoughts either by remembering and laughing on the things done in the past or wailing on the same done by other. It’s how we take the situation and react upon.


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