Don’t know why I am confused when I am not. There is no reason to be though. Don’t know why I do give solutions, resolutions, convincing power or anything which I cannot do to myself. Is it really though the toughest part to know one, or is it I have never understood me or never what the outer world is.

Every time I used to say that the problem what you have seen in your life is nothing though which I haven’t seen, in fact it is the same which u haven’t seen in me. At the end I used to give baseless solutions with no utmost reason. Was I trying to convince the counter part that what was going through me was it the same or I never understood the problem which they were facing in.

There is no idea what I am doing or what I am up to in my life. Is it every time peeking into others life I get the satisfaction or is it I am more endangered every time I see others life.

I was on my way, when I was alone with all those worries apart, with all those emotions and happiness in my berth, which I could have shared every being with me. But every time I felt, it wasn’t the moment nor this was the right time when my happiness was too small in front of you.

Everyone had their own problem which they felt that it was at the peak of the avalanche to achieve. Nor I was sure how could they have reached, when I was the only one at this peak, which no one till assessed who had reached ago.

I tried to cry out, my tears had dried out, and it was as if in search of water in an arid desert, wherein one could get the mirage of the same, similarly, I would get the mirage of out breaking of my unseen emotions, which would burst out any moment. I was waiting for it, so that it could solve my numerous problems unseen or the numerous solutions brought in unknowingly the problem behind was.

In all I was unclear, in all I was making myself more complicated, because I was not on the path of acceptance.

I was far away from my thoughts, my understanding, which no one could understand of my where about or what I am explaining till date.

I thought of exploring, I thought of going weird in my thoughts, but at the end it would end up on the same note with no solutions apart.

It was my anger, my mood which used to change as the weather was. Everyone noticed the change in me, but I was unnoticeable.

Finally with nothing at my end, the way I have come in this world, was untrue and the way I was, never known and the way I would go, was the only one which I could imagine. Every time I dreamt that how could I have changed my past or how could I retreat or react with present situation or how could I be in near future. With all those unclear aspirations, dream, what we mean as a short term or long term goal which again are wounded up with all those responsibilities which we cannot run away from it. Which are again untied, with the right knot of the lace to be removed.

This was I or you, at every stage of life unanswered, with every hope, aspiration evolving up. Which one day I could get all the answers for the problem was or which I could get the problem for which answer was….


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