Oscillating Mind..!!

Every time I started with an ‘I’, till now I was considering me and explaining as others are, but there are instances what we face and what others are. We never look at the situation one is undergoing.

We think of ourselves, as such we feel our problems or situations are the biggest one, thinking that no one has faced in their lives. There are people who come out of it at early in stance or the later one.

Age, maturity or anything else doesn’t matter, what matters the most is what we have understood ourselves and most importantly what we brought the change in others life. No matter, whether we helped them or were the ice breakers in their problems.

It’s whether we have understood them or whether they are, it’s difficult to be the same on both the side, similar to a see saw which comes to a standstill when it is balanced. We are never balanced as others will be, we will be shifting our emotions, our tragedy, happiness, ourselves to a certain, as a pendulum oscillates till it comes to a position when there is no ‘x’ force to move it, to cause a motion.


This is the stage, where we stand and think of ourselves, this the moment being still, evaluate the way we have come and the way we are going, and the days will be gone in no days thinking about them.

Either there should be someone who keeps on motivating or the other way to move you, in a state of enthusiasm, hope or in a state of fear or hatred.

It’s the later stage what we remember rather than the earlier one. We human beings are made think the effects on us which will be having, what others will do to us.

Every time it’s the fear which speaks to me, fear of someone exceeding me, fear of someone hurting me, or fear of the nature which will destroy the peace prevailing in this untruly world.

Every time it’s the hatred, happiness or the countless reasons which nor me or you could decide, but a person prevailing through it can.

It’s hard to get mixed up with the new community we are facing in, wherein everyone is trying to downpour you, wherein everyone is trying to degrade you and consider you that you are none in this selfish world, but we have to be a person with different masks with different people for the action what we do for the reaction what they attend.

Utmost happiness what we get, or what we realize is a short term, which will vanish one day, with no regrets or no promptness on you. It’s you who have to decide the acceptance and make it happier when someone is departing from you. It may be friendship, love what we have attended, but it may be more to him or her, what they are going to attend when we are the absence in their hearts. We should be grateful that we are or were the part of it.

I as a person, as a human being rather as an animal who has thinking ability made to be. I as a friend, a family member, a loved one, a decision maker, a supreme or as an inspiration towards your life have made me to help you in every situation you’re facing in. I will be there at every instance of your life, no matter what you consider me, maybe I am not the right person to solve your problems or give you every problem for the solution you have. As such I am nowhere to myself when I can’t be the same to me.


3 thoughts on “Oscillating Mind..!!

  1. Hey Shiva, each time I read your blog there is a certain level of emotion high. I think the article best describes about your encounters with near and dear ones and I’ll have to admit that I had a running nose by the time I finished reading the last paragragh.
    My eyes are still moist 😦
    Nicely describes …meet ya soon 🙂

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