Disheveled Me..!!

Here comes the bizarre of an indwelling behavior.

With dishevelment and disheartened beneath.

I lay upon the bed of thorns, until no pain left in me.


Motionless me, thoughts moving and every tear flowing away,

Making its own stream to join the ocean of pain,

Like a drizzle of rain in a drought region,

Making no sense, to dry the thirst of earth either.


With every burden burning me,

Ash and smoke of this heart remains.

Many questions untold and unresolved.

And even if it was, then went unsaid.


Glooming day it was, now and then,

Never recognized and went in vain.

Every droplet with no reason

Making me anguish to grow within.


Mundane thoughts unrestricted,

Making me more fragile.

With outer world getting dark.

With no help from within


A day would rise, with every ray of a new hope begin

Gleaming eyes, smiles on high.

With every agony never been seen.

Making my heart filled with full of happiness

This will be the day of breakeven point


A new era is yet to start,

Waiting for this disheveled heart to rejuvenate again…


One thought on “Disheveled Me..!!

  1. And hold that delicate string of hope,
    with the ray of faith attached,
    all the storms and furore of the world,
    will be eroded in seconds by his charm..
    believe in yourself,believe in belief,
    a day always dawns for every being,
    when he shall rise and sparkle again,
    but for that hold strongly to your inner faith…

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