Moron I was

Selfish I was

Unknowing about you

Deeply Immersed in your thoughts

Yet unclear where I was


My love

Stoned I was

Making me human with an heart

The day you entered my life.

Yet unrecognized went in vain

Today, I realize the pain without you.


Still unclear

To be a part of you

As I am much weakened

In my own thoughts,

Whether to be a part of you


Yet to give

Respect to Me

As such living,

In an unsubsidized way

Then how can I give you

The utmost importance to you,

In my life.


Today, I lie



With every dream,

Stopping by you


Erupting volcano within,

No matter

Hurting me one day

I owe you

My promise to you


Let my tears,

Drench the heat of pain within

Paving me

Making a stream of path

To reach your heart one day


I hope

One day

With Fearless vision in to you

Showing the comforts,

Respect on to you

Which I can behold

In my heart

To you



9 thoughts on “RESIDING LOVE…!

    • Thank you.. Its also essential to undergo oneself into those situation which one has not undergone, making our heart and mind to ponder over it. Its like putting ourselves in other shoes, and exploring the true world residing… 😉

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