Silence Within..!!

Well hope this December comes with full of blossoms as the flowers attain to ripe within as a fruit and as the autumn as arrived, I hope my life will be coloured with every tree withering its true colour.

There are instances we step back, thinking the consequences which we will go through. We as a human are fragile, always discard others or try to console others saying that everything will be fine in their life. These examples are still uncleared, as we unbattle the same when it comes to us.

We always try to humiliate others by our experience or by degrading a younger who is trying to step ahead from his nest of bees. Until than we felt fine, if someone had followed the same footsteps as others were.

We always blame the community, the growth or the deficit which it has attained; still our thinking remains the same.

We would never attain the attire of safety, the one woodenness, we would never think of others to attain the utmost happiness in their lives, We as a human always tried to pull every others happiness by pushing ours, we as a human we always pushed others tragedy and emotions by pulling ours, Yet unsatisfied at the end.

The silence prevails when love and hatred meets together for an unknown cause, this silence is a storm, which will erupt one day causing disturbance within, at the end still unknown what had dealt on to us.

Every cry resembling the notion of the sky evading the dark clouds, which are charged to downpour at any time, similar to our loneliness waiting for the right aisle to overcome the fear within, with every drop stopping by, with every drop drying out and at the end with no reason, asking within was it the right time I came out in my tenure.

Asking me the question, whether was I right to come out within, I still figure out, whether I was right in sharing the same with you, still unclear and will be at every instance in my life.

I hope when we attain the same to resolve our problems, our disheveled beliefs, we will be a bird flying with utmost desire which will be colourful for the people beneath who see. No matter one day I will be a prey of the others as I was today.


7 thoughts on “Silence Within..!!

  1. You do have a great philosophical perspective, don’t you? The eternal doubt that you speak of, of the correctness of sharing one’s innermost thoughts with the outside world,haunts many of us as we travel down life’s pathway.

    Thank you for the insight.


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