RIPped Off..!!

Every heart, every soul crying in pain, and not for oneself and not for the safety or security of the people which may take in due course of time by the hapless government which is uncertain yet, but at the cost of such cruelty persisting in the air of our nation and for one soul of the girl which shook the political system and which has awakened everyone’s mind and heart, was this the extreme condition for which one was waiting.
Every other day, every other minute crime on women are being done, many went unnoticed and many went undisclosed in the name of fear, authority and in the name of cowards, who’s thinking ability were unable to be changed by the prevailing systems in our country.
No matter, there is no difference in opinion of “rape”, as every other has similar impact on the women undergoing, but more than the justice for the victim, it is important to know that whether these kinds of situations will be a myth in near future and whether as a human being and being a part of society are we really working for it.
Today I stand, in this meant to be democratic, peace loving nation, wherein everyone has right to live, but were we able to justify to these cruel incident and were they let to be lived in their way.
A child, a girl, women of all ages, who are budding, to be a flower and who have many aspiring dreams as such we have, who are spreading their fragrance towards the well-being, development of the society and their own family, and the same women has uncertainty about life, fear at every instance, every time she has to rethink on the people moving by. This is the situation which is made by the corrupted minds which does not have heart within.
High time has passed away, wherein one should have been taken a harsh step towards such occurrence.
No matter such things are not even done by animals and we the human being known to have the thinking capability are committing such erroneous blunders throughout our lives.
The fight for existence, towards her responsibilities and family had nothing left other then tears on us. In fact we don’t have so much courage the way we she had.
I hope this revolution has made everyone to rethink, but more than that it’s important to have an impact on educating everyone, it’s important not only to develop fear among everyone, more than that it’s the respect which one should learn for every human being present in, then only the difference in thinking capability of men towards the women may get changed.
We all wish that let she Rest In Peace, but at the cost of ripping her life away….!!


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