Love Struck..!!

It was raining, and for me there was no option left I had to hurry, late evening showers had begun and it was tough predicting the weather.

Darkened clouds were charging towards each other and as if they had not met for long years, making huge tussle, was it a cry or a pain within for being departed and tearing apart the resonance of silence. Tears trembling, making fuss around with a sound of gush, drop by drop was being spilled on the ground and without controlling its emotion to make a path of its own and to drench the earth’s thirst first. Lightning of bizarre at the midst, growling at every tease of charged clouds when hugged together. This was a natural thing but for me it was a sign of an unnoticed happening which had every emotion attached and which I was going to foresee ahead.

It was better for me to settle down and to take a shelter, as such it was pouring heavily, I took a shelter at a nearby bus stop, where many had gathered and already it was running full. I somehow managed to sneak in.

Amidst people gathered were busy building their own solutions of how to tackle the rain and reach their destination safely and on the other hand a couple was arguing for the late coming of his beloved to the pickup point. There were people who were stuck for nowhere reason like me; as such it was their mean time to come out of their office. Few settled in a nearby stall having a cup of hot tea and few with a fag of smoke, as such for them they were finding every reason to heat up themselves.

I was just watching by, the near ones and at a particular instance I was dumbstruck for a person on the other side of the road. She had worn a light green dress, in what it seems to be a common dress which every woman shared. She in fact was wagering with their group of friends who were all females in fact. She was half done wet, her hairs being damp, making my heart move towards her, with every puzzle being resolved by tangled hair which she was trying to resolve. Her cheeks were too busy in blushing every time whenever she giggled for the jokes shared with her friends. Her caressing with hair, her dimples whenever she smiled and her occupancy among the group, made me mesmerized.

I was trying to gather her every attention, finally was succeeded in gathering her instance towards me. Initially it was a normal look which every stranger would do, and then changed to “do we know each other look” and she did felt that this guy was literally gazing at her. She was trying as much as can to avoid the instances, but every time failed, as she was gaining the same confidence and smile from the opposite side and which was me.

For me there was no reason to move my gaze apart which in fact was attached to her, I was just moving in my own dreams.

In fact every time it doesn’t happen, but her movements made me more familiar and gave a positive sign that she was willing to talk to me.

There are every instances wherein usually  a  guy approaches, but this was  an unusual case, this time she was giving a weird smile of happiness, she was also trembling in that cold, wherein she was half drenched and was bored of listening to the common gossips which was going on in their group.

We both were flattered towards each other, in fact no reasons apart to know what was the reason behind to move our heart closer.

Finally with all those arguments and communication we had, she thought of giving a chance, she thought of changing the lane and moving close to me. I was awestruck and in fact I was terrified, that what would happen if she would come up and hit hard on my cheek, which every other person nearby was watching upon.

She was moving now, bit slow towards me, as such we were communication in our eyes. She was now distant apart from the group which never knew what exactly she was doing. She was midst of the road, and when there was a huge scream, I moved my gaze and saw that she had struck by an upcoming bus.

At a moment, everyone were haphazardly moving upon unknowing what to do, there were screams, there were noise, there were a sudden rush by the people towards her and I was standing nowhere, I had lost my mind and in fact my heart for what had happened.

Was it really because of me which had taken place or was it she being unaware of the instance what was happening. In no matter I was guilty; I was the person which made it to happen.

I never felt the same thing in my life, but this time I had lost her. This time I was moving far away from me.

I gained my presence and I suddenly rushed to the location. She had already fainted with certain bruises around her body, someone had already approached the ambulance and she was taken away to the hospital with her friends being followed, I just tried to follow her, somehow running behind the ambulance and by knowing its path as such the nearest hospital.

I thought it was critical, by seeing her fainted, hospital veterans had already started their duties in performing her and were trying to bring back her to the normal life. Later on came to know that everything was going on well with certainly a fracture in her hand and bruises which were bandaged and till then I had kept my mouth littering which was unsound blabbering and scolding on to me. I was happy when I heard that she was good and performing well.

She was shifted to the ward, where I was waiting outside whole day and night. Being an unknown person, and never knew whether my positioning of staying there was right or not.

There were none waiting, except her friends and they gave a weird look, but much less than that they thought about me as such they were worried about their friend indeed. In fact even I did give less importance to them, as such for me it was her and others being none.

When I heard that she had gained her presence, I just simply rushed in, unknowing what others would have talked about; their friends did give an unpleasant stance. I never minded, as such for me it was my love which had struck very instance.

I stared at her and she did the same, our smile got exchanged and in fact this is how our love started.

I began to babble, and unknowing what was I saying about, she simply laughed at every instance. She later on took the occasion by introducing herself and at one instance was thankful for the pain of sleepless night and efforts that was done to her and on the other asking me that what exactly made him to stand by her side with no reasons. I simply gave a dumb look and this is how our first interaction had begun which started as an unknown person, later one got familiarized with each other as a friend. We continued to meet later on, would talk and share ourselves, days were pleasant and we did meet regularly.

 Now after so many years after marrying her, I still laugh and at every instance I do get worried whenever she is late from her office. May be it might be my possessiveness but whatever it is I still love her and I do miss her at every instance.

No matter we do quarrel a lot, but indeed it’s never in vain and in fact making us closer day by day.

May this love reside in us, causing no hatred and making us together as much as we can and forgiving the unsaid things which happen in our life.



6 thoughts on “Love Struck..!!

  1. Truly gripping and intense.
    Certainly strikes a chord or two with each and every person who has loved in life.
    A very short and touching story. Very well written Shiva.

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