Nature Personified..!!

Beauty personified is that what we hear, and to some extent every other has his / her, own meaning out of it.

I happened to be a passerby, who had no work to do either. Moving around, enjoying the nature as it came.

At one end were those beautiful springs, greenery of those bushes, birds singing around, the aroma of those beautiful blissful flowers, and the colorful vibrant nature which was built by every living thing and was equally shared by those non living things like air, mist, rain, gathering of those clouds and the elegant ray of hope from the sun which would try to fetch these things and would nurture one other in its long run. This was the nature and it would surely freshen up ones mood and in no way would replicate human’s nature.

At the other there were the miseries done by the human being, bloodshed and the violence prevailing all its way, rich still trying to gain their supremacy over the others and the poor fighting for their daily bread; cast, creed, regionalism which had an upper hand in creating difference between two humanities; male and female egoism which had created more crimes on the innocent people. Indeed eternally there were large chunk of sorrows, our never ending problems, misunderstandings, anger, fear, tear and what not.

These were the never ending sagas of our daily soaps. Either we tried to manage it for a day or an instance or would misguide it and would just run away from it or eventually one would have lost by those people who were trying to misguide us.

The clashes between these two are being seen by every individual, and how our environment is deteriorating day by day, even our eternal souls is reacting upon it.

Beauty is never meant to stay longer. It’s the how an individual would perceive upon it and how one would preserve the same. For some it’s the smile on a child’s face, for some it’s the iconic nature of a creature, an external beauty of an human being seen through his/her eyes which he depicts to be true, an inner beauty of an human being which is the behavior coming into persistence.

In all beauty lies in our endeavors towards the nature, this regardless has been with us before our existence and before our thinking ability was expanding. Our need, our desires starts with it, we are struggling for own survival and depleting these things, before nature starts depleting us. We ought to start something with it.


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