Live & Let Live..!!

Noteworthy, there is no such time that remains with us, and in no matter of time one day or the other everything perishes except the remains of those memories which are saddened but true and happy which went untrue. The remains on others heart which either cuddled or broke into many pieces, the remains on my heart which every time either cherishes those moments in happiness or cries in sadness.

Those were the memories which went on adding and subtracting my emotions in life, at times rejoicing my love with you, going hand in hand with every smile making me shy, lightning up every dream of our future life and always dreaming of us together at every instance of our lives. No matter breaking away every barrier which would come into our way.

On the other, standing and waiting with the upfront breeze at the lonely island, tearing me apart with every drop of tear eventually drying up, which took my heart away and that, was when we were apart and gone far away.

At last moving lethargically in my ruined life, I thought this was the end of me and my dreams. But still I tried to search you, but nonetheless you had left me, I was fallen aback. Every day getting darker and every sleepless night spent in your thoughts.

One day a stranger came in and raised her hand, and helped me to come back into my normal life. I never knew why she being a stranger was doing this to me. In all letting me drain those past undone. I deferred you and would go gaga for the nurture you would do and I thought it was mere sympathy on me which I initially hated and later on slowly turned my image towards you, which made me think every then and now more about you. You were nevertheless a beautiful gem who would always glitter in darkness of my rudiment life.

She was the one, who made my day brighter with all those amazing hues entering in my life and evading the darkness far away. Nights were filled up with those amazing dreams which I had begun to think about you.

It was you who made this stone hearted person in to a soft hearted one. It was you kind hearted lady making me adorable towards you. I don’t know your stance on me, but every inch I was getting closer to you.

This was my another chance towards a new beginning and this time I was holding you tight and never ever would let you go past away. I had realized later that it was you my valentine and I just wanted to be a true honest guy, who was an open booklet, and wanted you to know my every page of my life.

I hope this valentine will be a memorable one, letting my past to live in her way and letting my present to live with my valentine forever and ever again.


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