Crumbling Upon..!!

Don’t believe on anyone and especially you the inner heart which paved you to a storm of darkness within… my heart throbbing out said to me. As such I had lost faith. There was no resemblance of me, when I looked into the mirror. I saw the darkness, the cry, the failure, which one attained at earlier stage.

I wanted to be a renowned person, by which everyone could recognize my presence.

But I had lost far away and far away as I was not able to recognize when I looked into the mirror.

Every time I looked into the mirror I saw some different person residing in me.

I failed every time, for me this was a greatest failure and for others none.

I was the lone in your group of circles and I was you and with you when you were alone, but hardly you recognized me who I was…..

What should I have done? Tears rolling out, unstoppable, tried to console it, tried to console every feeling which was thawing upon, tried to console which was deliberately passing on the unfilled weir.

I was lost and I was the one responsible for being such weird and for being such unknown to me. As I lately recognized what I was and still now struggling as to what I was.

The pain Within me always unsaid and always untold to me and not for you, as me being unclear for every truth passing by a sorrow of existence, and every time I thought one day it would decrease. But I saw a heap of you, which was unrealistic and which was adding upon every burden on me. Thereby making me burst away….

I lie in those unscrambling words, and into a corner within, a room filled of me at a corner, making my head paves away onto my lap and I try to look sideways finding a wall within and still none to reside me at close of my heart.


I was the sorrow


Your dream



I was the failure



I was the tear

Made to soften away


I was the pessimistic

This was unacceptable


Yet unreliable

For its existence

In every heart within


And I suffice

With every dream

Every galore



This makes one

Grow its importance


In my absence

You would be cruel


In my presence

You would be demon


Keeping at the entrance

Made me realized

Importance of you


No matter

Making every happiness

To suffice

To realize within

To rejoice with what I have…..


6 thoughts on “Crumbling Upon..!!

  1. You are having fun blogging and writing away! That is a wonderful thing! Keep that smile on your face and have a great week! 🙂 Thanks for being so nice and visiting me. 🙂

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