As usual


What to share





Losing me

Creeping me in


I said

You should be strong

For others

Who indeed knew

A fragile

Nature of me


Every other

Making to their nest

I was late

Searching in

Where to I belonged

I peeked




I was scared

I saw the dusk

I saw other creatures

Haunting me



Sound of Wizard

Shadow of me and you

Making me more



I was lost

I was prey

To the realistic

Nature of this world


I was caged

I was freed

At every growling

Of your hum


Trying hard

To run away


Saw change

In atmosphere


I missed you

More than that

You missed me


Sudden thunder


Breaking my nerves

To go beneath


I searched for the air

I got the earth

Indeed it was

Grave for me


I reside beneath you

In this grave


I reside to be loved

Who were passer-by till now


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