Me and Many..!!


Life coming to an halt, like a train at every junction for a prolonged break, wherein people get in and out of one’s life. Sometimes never knew for the stoppage done to passing by opposite train. No matter we were controlled by supernatural power and many a times by us, if we would run at the correct time in our life.


I was such an organism which would crawl and creep, at the least speed, every other would run ahead of me. I saw you, everyone ahead of me, but there was none like me who would be with me. I know I was wrong as I was brought into this world with a greater feature which was known as human being who would always struggle for his existence and had the superpower of thinking.


There were promises given, there were meant to be broken. Some taken in a positive way and some other, at the end very few would try to find his/her existence in life and I was not the one among them.


A hare and tortoise story which we heard, but we never came to know who the one in these two were and who the one was listening to this story. Either a winner or a looser or a listener coming to an end with a lesson to be learnt by a preacher.


I was the immune to our relationship, I was the vaccine for every disease when it was not resolved in our group, but there was no vaccine to me, when at time needed.


I looked in, searched; at times in hurry and at times slow, saw the loneliness in presence of everyone.


Everyone laughed, made fun of each other and rejoiced with the moments which were presented to them. I tried to be a part of it and sometimes as a spectator who never knew what to say and in fact what to do.


Harshness, weirdness, frustration was with which I was associated and with these great feature rather being annoyed tried to be happy with every presence of you.


I knew I was the other part of you, which always tried to show your presence even in happiness.


At times answerable, at times questionable and many a times you were known as dumb, because your existence which was nuisance prevailed as a stink in the air.


 So what if, I was meant to be in this way, I will always be there till the last breathe existing in me. As I will always suffice your existence and one day you would be proud that you were associated with this down part of your life, which was never realized and went in vain.


Every heartbeat, beating happiness for you and sorrow for me


Every breath, filtering your air within and by polluting me within


Every gossip, taken for granted and left which was undigested


Every step in your life, being a beholder whenever you slipped down


Every tear, of me meant for soothing your anger and disappointment


Every dream, of me was you and will be you till existence of me.





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