Subtle senses..!!



Resonating sound of disturbance

None other than the inner voice jumbled up

Nothing clear within

Nor attaining a clear vision


Water being sprinkled on face

Trying to let all worries down



Meant for peace of mind within


Running through dreams

Sweating distractions present


Halting and looking back and forth

As to where I have been


 Darkness prevailing in

Diminishing shadow


Gasping breathe

Trying to purify the air within


Sense of hot and cold

Prevailing untouchability

To the known’s and many


Smell of pain

Creating fissures


Always running and hiding

For the loneliness present


Trying to cut

All those knots tied in




Tears meant to roll


This time putting all efforts

To break all those insanities


I stood up

Ran as far as I can


Until the cloud disappeared

By shedding its tears

Making a small vent

For a ray of hope

To reach onto this soul


Cleaning and cleansing me

Raising every hope to live in


Cherishing and rejoicing

From now on

With every moment left upon








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