Narrating many




Narrating my life

Which I never understood till now


I thought learning failure

As which I got

Was this the thing, step to my success…


But what did I find

I found you

Deserted me at times

Flowered you at times


Who said happiness

Was getting in


I said

Happiness was losing you


As I wanted and will

Loosing many


I am degrade for you

But I am happy within


As for me love was






Not in you

But though in me

As seiflish was I

More than me for you I was


I will never suffice you

Until I respect

My next love

Whether it’s lost or not


For me respect lies

In every existence


Which I have come through

And which I haven’t


I will be the same mud

Which will be dry and wet

As you needed

I will be the same air

Purifying within


Never known

Making loved into me




Image courtesy: Google Images


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