First Kiss..!!



Someone said me, and questioned me and my abilities. It was about writing, about feelings! That how could I write without experiencing something and how could I copy something which was unrelated to me. I say that stream of consciousness always stay within and no matter what we are, I will be the same delivering truth and loveliness within


For me every critique was accepted and this one is for someone who believes I am nothing and something in her life. As such I even don’t know what I am, probably she might have seen my future and hence narrating you a story of me and you and many others who have not gone through this but atleast heard or felt in your dreams, if not atleast in weirdest thoughts.


One day I was amazed how can she was mulling on to my thoughts. Every now and then disturbing me, every now and then making closer to each other, but still unsaid and felt, that we were really close to each other for many years to come.


Every bizarre for her was new thing and was the same for me. Every query was something which I haven’t thought about.


I thought of giving a word to it. She was literally on to my mind and my thoughts were rambling in. I was fazed and I was dazed as to what would be the outcome at the end.

I simply moved, for her was innocence and for me it was something more.

At instance I thought, whether was this love and was this to be answered, but I being an introvert being within myself, never knew what to do.

Instead of thinking, my vertebrate got up, I thought of moving in to her life. I was moving to her door, it was her home which was far away.


But still I managed to move, I was the person with all those two wheelers beside me, but at the end I couldn’t managed to use it. I was someone who never thought, who never knew to drive a vehicle.

I was walking on this lonely street, with dimmed lights all around. Dogs barking in, saying me, “ hey! Hello this is my place; you are none to move in around”.

There was nothing to see around, as it was the loneliness, my shadow and me speaking all through the night.

I do hear and see what was going on to me, but this time unfazed, moved and moved and moved.


I finally moved onto a location, and that was none other than my sweethearts place.

Initially thinking how to break this puzzle, but thought of giving a shot as normal guy would do, who had seen so many bollywood movies around.


I tried with my best efforts and confidence climbing on to her floor (thinking that she stays in 1st floor). Me being a civil engineer only thought of how constructing it, rather than how hearts resided within.


I was into the balcony, I looked around once again, as was there someone who was watching me, but I found none and I was happy and confident to enter into my beloved heart’s life (luck though to my assumptions).

Rather than knocking her balcony door, which in fact was kept open, she being usnlept and into her thoughts and making flow of wind on to her, so that she could sleep with all those worries about me within.

I just scrambled through her windows.

It was her resting in her bed, I saw the giggle around, when she was reading a book, I thought of her remembering me, as I was the only one who had lately entered into her life.


I thought was I really into her mind, as such never invaded into her thoughts.


I saw her legs paying in, always cursing for the beautiness, and making other to know what she was actually missing in.


I could read her eyes, which had dreams and dreams of happiness, as If she was waiting for someone to enter her life.


Her every smile and every amuse, dragging her finger, flaunting and making me go wild around, making me feel that I was a part of it.

The way she caressed her hair, every time now and then, making me remember, she was remembering me in fact, as I felt beneath my heart.


Before me reading anything more, she felt there was someone who was noticing her.


As usual girls are meant to be multitasking, knowing in and around within.


She had caught me!

Before she could make some more noise, I reassured her, that it was me, her friend who was trying to enter her life.

Tears meant to come out, every drop of her was making me more worse

Before I could say anything, it was she, who was missing me more.


She simply grabbed me, and took hold of my nerve; In fact a guy should have done this.

It was her, who bought on to her lips closer to mine.


It was her who made me shy


It was her, who missed me more than I am now

It was her, who made me feel what love was

As every lip to lip was saying in silence

That love would rejoice

In absence, making one to realize

In presence, remembering the absence within

Every heart losing mind

Every mind going crazy around you my heart

Every conversation thought

Which could never end if it was just talk

But surely ended when our lips were reading each others

It was the heaven, which had a curse when we would depart

It was the hell, as never one would thing

What was first kiss all about?


After so many long years,

I still rejoice every moment we had

As we are now one soul with two hearts

And I assure you, that we would never depart

As I am still in love with you

My first kiss and every then

Making me more attached to you


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11 thoughts on “First Kiss..!!

  1. hello Mr.Shiva…felt as a chilling thriller…wat an expressions of word..and nice flow of sentence…kept me gripped till u took ur first kiss…hats off to you… 🙂

  2. Wow, posed a challenge of crossing your soft zones and writing something very different and you did exceptionally well….I loved your writing and style…The words, the flow, the feelings and of course the sketch which you preferred to choose makes the post simply “Wow”

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