We the human beings or in fact meant to be being an human, we are moving far ahead considering one’s own development. Lifestyle, trends, value for materialistic as usual increasing, but rather we still remain stranded at downer part of our life.

Get up in the morning read newspaper, watch news maker at the television and we just see downer part of what is called humanity. We are rated high in terms of crime and every survey done says the same thing, “Is women safe in our country?”

Screeching, scorching, growling at every corner of the street, there stands an evil which is ready to gasp you in a moment and eat you up. Do we think that women in your country need to be more cautious all the time? Right from the birth till they grow up and at every end of their life, we see abuses being done.

None to cater, its self criminal mind which comes out from those men who are rather called men, as they have never gone through these kind of situations.

I talk about all those crimes, which are against women, right from differentiating them in every selfish nature of this world.

We in fact have read many of these, as these are getting revealed, but what about those till past these many days which haven’t come to notice.

I take a bare topic this time to know what actual education means and whom to impart and in what way.

Metropolis and villages are the two words which come in to my mind but with a different picturesque. Laws were meant for abolishing child marriages and in fact said that it has got reduced but only on the papers though. Visit many places in those non growing grey areas, which still remain in dim light, where family member earns and thrives to survive his entire family.

 He still believes that it would have been much better if he had a male child, as atleast for him he would have sown some seeds in those arid deserts but why do these girls are treated other way around. From the day she comes to know about herself she is already doing all those household stuff which at a younger age would have loved to go to school.

But what we see, she is married away, and she never came to know what the ritual was about. As the same girl, who shyly replies, who as an aspiration to go to school, who as aspiration of dreaming big, even she wants to be a successful women as there are no limits for her dreams too.

If every other would have done the same then we would have never met Mother Theresa who is considered mother of every other in this world.

We would have never met Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams whose dreams were reality, flying high and seeing what is present beyond this sky.

What about Malala Yousafzai  an youngest nominee for nobel prize who much at an younger age stood firm and was against talibanism for preventing an girl child from attending to a school

These are just a jest and there are countless who we know but never seen the same in every girl child in our country and prevailing on this earth.

But how these problems can be solved, as always grass on the paper is always green rather than on the field, the difference in per capita which is larger to an extent in our country should get reduce. When inflation are at high stakes and when petrol and diesel price increases. Do you think a poor family in those grey areas could have sustained it?

When does the mindset of head of a family and those elder people think of viewing a girl child as an abuse and when would we stop cursing her and convert her in to an angel.

These questions remain unanswered and will always, the only one thing could be we should be together and move forward for reducing crime against women, as for me today child marriage was equally a crime of raping a girl at a younger age.


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