Obliged to you



I was the thorn

Who never considered me

As it would prune you


I was the water

When it was flooded

Making you drown away


I was the air

When it was tycoon

Carrying you and your feelings away


I was the waves

When it was Tsunami

Never understood what was carrying your breath away


I was the enemy

When I was your friend

Feelings meant to be deteriorating


I was the loneliness

As you never knew it

What was being lonely my way


I was the love

When you made me I wasn’t made to love

As I never hated me


I was the friend

Infact I never felt according to you though

What was needed to be with you


But when it will be

We understand each other


As we are the same part of the coin

As you accepted and I never accepted though



I was stoned

I was me


I was never you

And you never me


As we being two different entities

Should have understood what we were


I hope

Those seas meet the earth as the sky was


I hope

Those feelings meet which we never understood


If not in realities

In dreams though

Which makes your heart and mine

Smoothen and soften all the way

To be loved

Till our end of our lives


Image Courtesy: Google Images




Image Courtesy: Google Images


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