Despair Emptiness


This being a month of June

This indeed should have brought

A love of despair

A love of knowing each other

But this love will shower in this monsoon

As my tears are unknown to me

For you I am an unknown crusader

Who always destruct your peace of ship

I am the storm

This brings unhappiness between you and many

And I am the loneliness

Who always will be

Until I found my love

Who in fact finds me what I am

In fact tells me

What life is

I will be the life what you and her was

Really I do miss what you are

And what my love will be

The pot hole which drenches water way

Says that I am alone

The wind flow which makes me weaker

Says I am alone

The heat of sun which makes me thirst

Says I am alone

As such I am unsatisfied

With what I am in my life

The careness which you have

Makes me weaker

The harshness which again you have

Makes me weaker

I will as my love

Will despair me

Until my breath


Image Source: Google Images


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