Three Words – July



Seasons of life

Making skin toned

As every heart

Brushing its feelings

As every mind

Learning its experiences


Venturing onto many

Hearts and Minds


Sometimes subtle way

Many a times

Ruthless in nature


This season being

Dream of joy


Gleeful of sunrays

Drizzling of rain

Breezing of wind

Withering of leaves

Happened on together


Unification of souls

When we meet

At an instance


Our eyes struck

Caressing of hair

Blushing of smile

Heartbeat rising in

Words never spoken

Feelings went said

That we know

Each other’s heart

From ages together


Presence of you

Made me worth

This time again

I was flying

As I was

Loving your dreams

Dreams of me

As we say

I love you………


Image Source: Google Images


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