Friends Loved Again……….



I come alone in this world crying

It was my mother who taught me

How to behold my cry


I come alone in this world walking

When my father hold my hand


At instance when I was left unhandled

I fumbled and cried again

The pain which I had got

Was lost when my siblings caressed me


My very first day at school

Never knew what it was

As it was knew to everyone


My very last day at school

Made me cry again

Remembering I will be losing friends


My very first immature step in college

Made me know I was a teenager


My very first proposal towards you

Made me know what love was


My very last step when I couldn’t get you

Made me know that it was an infatuation


My very first step when I entered into engineering

Made me logic towards life

But never missed my friends and new love

As every infatuations towards many was growing in


My very last step of post Grad College

Made me more combined towards practicality of life

But again never ever missed anyone

As this was the last hope of being together

As love was more defined at this stage


Then came the last day of my learning

This made me more embarrassed

As I was going to depart from my childishness


As I was venturing into a man’s world

Which was cruel to learn

As I was standing all alone up

As I was earning for my bread and dignity

At times made me remember you guys


This was the day when I remembered my birth

This was the day I remembered you all till now


In fact my motherhood was brought in every friendship

Who made me stop cry and as always laughing in

In fact my fatherhood was brought again in friendship

Who hold my hand when I was about to fall.


Friends at every age

At every tenure

Was nurturing this plant to grow

In your shelter


And I behold you

Till my last breath

Till this tree gives you every fruit and shade

As I am in love with you again……….Image

Image Source: Google Images


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