Nurturing you



Far away from within

As everyone search this soul


But never this heart being with it

Always trying to find in you


I heard a voice

A voice of friendship and love

A voice of hope


But as usual it was diminishing for me

My presence in everyone was fading away


As such my importance grew

You guys felt to give importance to my weirdness nature


But this weird heart

Felt that it was important to realize

That you give more water to your own plant


As this plant as grew in

Every shade, sunlight and manure from you


It will try to borrow

Nevertheless knowing you

As this plant will shed its thorns

Making every evil far away from you


As this plant will give its best flower

Making you loved and find togetherness in me


As this plant will dry out one day

Shedding its love eradicating every hate within you



Image Source: Google Images


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