Understanding Change…!!



Changing my substance

As you needed


Changing my living thing

Against you


As you felt that the change in me was you

But till now I loved every change


I don’t know why I fear you

Every change in you and me

Made me more brutal and soft at times


Every change which you said to accept

I will oppose it, if not what will be the difference in you and me


Change was made in every living being

But we went for war when peace was required

We went for hate when love was accepted

We were never the same when everyone thought us to be the same


We won’t be the same as you and me or others would accept it

As we are many entities within

Who would strive for existence

May be it love, life or pride


As we say to others

Same would have been tough in implementing to us


As we say to ourselves

Same would have been tough to understand by others


Then better to live

What we are and what you are

So that love between us remains persistence


At times it was you

At times it was me

Who should have understood it

It was adjustment at times

It was understanding each other’s feelings

We never did it together


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