White page




I could be the same

Blank page


Trying to be colored

As you expected


I was the none to care

As for me I was again blank


Every colorful flower

I was the thorn


I was the substance

With no feelings


Every water

Mixing with whatever the situation is


I found myself unhealthy

Decolorizing my nature




But In any situations

Don’t expect my solutions


As I was far away moving on


You found every green

In every dark


As such this page

Written by me

Always untrue


And will be blank for you

Thinking that

One day

You would come and scribble

Every non sense

Which makes

Sense one day

For me






My book

As those unlimited page


Which will surely have a page

Unread and unwritten


Which at times

Makes you demoralize


At times makes you

Think of many

Who were never like me


Those were the days

And these are the days


Which you and me



Even after nibbling

My heart


You will find

I will be there for you


As this page

Thought to be

Blank again

For inscribing

Every worry you had



Image Source: Google Images


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