Other Side of Being an Orphan



I stood all alone….


As there was none to behold me, In search of my own existence, I tried to look beyond and found none who could help me out.


From the day I came to know that I was a living thing and every other consider me non living thing


As I was the one, who lately came to know that I had no parents.

My existence died before me, when people told me that I was an orphan and I came to know lately that I had to struggle for my bread and butter more than being a wonderful person.

I had a dream of being a doctor, an engineer, a govt servant, but I came to know lately again


As there were many like me, who were dying or sold for someone else existence


Was this the world I was looking for or was this the world God had thought about me.

Was this the world I had none to curse other than God whom I never met.


But one day struggling and strolling, I met my shadow when sun wasn’t there to show me. It was the day when I came to know that there were many like me.

I befriended them

I formed a community

I formed a beehive

I formed togetherness

As they thought that they formed it.


This was the confidence

This was the life.


Wherein I would move upon

On calling their hunger


We would either loot heart

As we never knew what theft was


We would either work hard for an agent

As we never looked into percentage gained


We would play in rain and dirt

As none were there to scold us


We would sleep at off times

As we were mother to each other


We would play with whatever we had

As there were none to make us learn


We would study at those dim lights

One would say A for Apple

One would say other

But we studied together


Peeking a hole made in every school

Wherein every child would study the same prayer


We learnt and we really learnt


Today we stand far off

From this selfish world

When everyone learnt to think lately of a friend

We learnt at an younger age


We hardly, many among many orphans

Who went on right track to reach the destination


We are destined and will see

One day we help every orphan

Who would have lost his/her own track

And that’s what destination is meant to be

It’s the hope which survived amongst us


Image Source: Google Images


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