Broken Paths…!!



A Poignant by every word

But this heart exists too


An unworthy situations

Which everyone passed through

I stood all alone letting you cross the bridge


Happened to be, you at the other end

Called me to rejoin

I was fazed looking back none

I was happy to clear your sorrowed path


Hung alone, when you all were there

But this heart rejoiced in your happiness

But this heart broke into my sorrows


As life would be

Everyone thought

Thinking of once own dream


I stood in those jungles

Where the creek was about to break

I let did, finding you guys

Mesmerized in your life


I stood all alone which you thought

But there was me

The nature, the birds chanting in

Every glimmer of rays I had

Every droplets of rain

Making you worthwhile

To remember

That this heart too existed


The existence never unknown

Always pin pointing the narrowness

So that one day

I could broaden your path of happiness



One day

And in fact every day

Paving towards my heart

Would be widened

For your presence

Residing unto my heart


Image Source: Google Images


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