Endangered Species





Hiding from many


A little heart

Does exist in me too


Unlike your intelligence

Which you happened

To be called as human being

Always applied

For one’s own development


Like many other animals

I stand suspecting every moment

I start running, as fear in me encroaches

I stop at one instance, when I am poached again


I am served

I am sold, with every bit

Sold for your own selfishness


I am preyed

I am prayed during festivals

As I am the one

Carrying your Goddess of well being


I am alone among many

My existence never understood


But now you feeling the heat

As without me

This ecosystem remains unbalanced


In absence of me

My family cried too

Emotions existed amongst us too

Nevertheless you felt

That even we were a part of this humanity too


I am none other than

Many endangered species

That is becoming an extinct

A history for your next generation


Hope atleast

My message was clear to you…….



Image Source: Google ImagesImage


Image Source: Google Images


2 thoughts on “Endangered Species

  1. I really loved this one..We humans never think of these animals and Once they are extinct we will pay the price…I pray that Day never comes…They Make this world beautiful.. 🙂

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