Being Self



There will be a day

When I will be left alone


There was a day

When we were together


Never understood

Staying together


But surely will

Miss those days


When we argued

When we subsided with every other


When we quarreled

Other was quiet


When we listened

When other was high


When we moved

With every emotions

Ofcourse I brought


With every worry

Making you think and subsidized

Who I was


In fact I was

None other than



When I couldn’t share with you

Then how could I share with every other


But surely

Downgraded considered


There will be a day

When this uplifting person

Shows in every one’s life


I am sure

I will be something

Which one would be proud off


And I am off

As you think I am off

I being different


Never sayed to you

Will surely say in writing

As this is my world

That surely you will

Love one day

As every other hated in me


None other than me

Loving the way I was…


Image Source: Google Images


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