Pouring love



“This post is written for the 110 Creative Challenge Contest, hosted by Thewhitescape





When I ought

To see through window




Dwelling thoughts


With every moistened

Earth and heart

Making drenched

Every Moment


Unclear Image

Of you



When you waked me up



Coziness beneath surface

Laid by you


None out there

Clearing dizziness inside


Saw you

Smiling at far


Went out

Trying to Capture


Every droplet of tear

That was raining

Through your heart


I saw none

Drenching in

Making me far aside


Looking far end

Many closer to my heart

Saw spreading my love

As running away for me


Spreading my arms

For the forgiveness

For the Loveliness

You had

As Rain too

Bought in happiness within




Image Source: Google Images


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