Expressing emotions



Emotions at large

Some suppressed

Some distressed

Some shared

Some went undetermined


Love at many

Some expressed

Some let alone


Fear now and then

Some at losing

Some never knew of existence


Happy to distinguish life

Some for self growth

Some sacrificed for many


Sorrowful never thought

Some for every small prune

Many a times for loosing unknowing happiness


Quarrelling for self gain

Loosing many at an instance

Again stitching differences

Some at unknowing situations

Some at fear of detachment


Friendship rejoiced

Some at your excellence

Some at every tear bought in

For the gratefulness of you onto my life


Wining every heart now and then

Loosing every thoughts within

None for me though

But showing existence

Of this heart to many

So that every little glimpse by you

As surely made this heart delighted


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