Star Friends….




Zillion stars awaits

Twinkling them


Glaring me


Standing on roof

For their existence

In reality


Every other twinkling

Hard to find my presence


On this earth

Many living beings

Ought to say

Ought to believe


I stand on those stars now

Ought to see earth alone

As a star for me

Many as always


This day being worshiped

As a friendship day


I stay all alone

Giving light within

So that my stars

Always twinkle in


No matter this earth

Called as a star for you

Fades one day


But every then

My living

Will bring brightness in your life


This friend

Never distinguished among any

As every star was

Twinkling in its own way


For me

Every glow found in you

Makes my day



Every stare

Being indifferent

Always soothing

In one way or the other


Every stare

Being indifferent

Always being felt warmth

In your arms


As every friend

Considered as a star

In my life

Owing you always many of my life


I flourish

On this little thing

So that one day

Even this star called to be earth

Brings happiness and proud for you


Has sky being limits for many

But this sky outreaches

Making you me



Staying far away

 Reaching each other one day


As every life being beautiful

In every presence and absence

As every friend is a star

Illuminating and making rich

Life of this pie on this earth


As always close your eyes

As always see the sky

You will find me

I finding you

As always beholding you

Being in every part of our life

As we celebrate Friendship day

Every moment in our life

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