Penning many hearts…!!




Now and Then

Penning down


Invariably never thought

After math of it


Passerby coming in

Asking many


Thinking this heart never shared

Or was in a sorrow of be wilderness

At times touching everyone’s heart

Some answered and some left questioned

And at times boring in fact


Flow of words meant from heart

Some felt, learnt and many dreamt

Some lost, gained and many never understood


Stream of thoughts coming in

Bundled, misshaped and tied

Releasing only those

That was easy to untie from many


Nurturing beliefs of many

Through every scribble

Happened on to your heart


As always this heart

Meant to trouble you

Feelings, emotions and love of words

Attaching ever then before


Knitting every dreams

Of seeing this world differently

Which in common forgotten


Remembering, realizing

Every other moment

Passed on and coming by

To every heart and soul attached


Hope this heart

Brings love and affection

Hope this soul

Remains the shadow of you


Hope these mere words

Brings a smile onto you

At every moment of life

Ever and ever again


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