Freedom heart…!!



On this ought to be said Independence day…..


Nothing to bring back the past and now and then….


Which you know better than me…


All about how we have engaged with the nation and whether truly have we engaged for an independence world, a peace world or a world which one would dream about…


Today, none would have calculated that it was 67th Independence day, and none would have observed the change what we were and what we are. It wasn’t about the development and showing how we stand among the world.


It was standing united at times, and we did…


There were instances and there were circumstances, which showed, obeyed and in fact we followed.  This year as media brought, we saw the existence of our heart “damini”, the rape victim in delhi, which has been forgotten. This year we came to know the A to Z scenario of scams, no matter who ruled the government, but in fact it was ruled by humans though.

We came to know the killing of our jawans and beheading of our brave hearts. We still stand seeing these scenarios and news.


We saw the drought, soaring of price in fuel, vegetables and common commodities, we saw nevertheless the corruption was over ruling this nation and justice was far behind to give an appropriate answer to it.


We saw floods in uttarkhand, many flown and many we were waiting to rejoin their families back home.


We saw our defense saving them; we saw them facing the holes and bullets into their hearts for their motherland.


There were moments, when we were out fighting within our family and friends, of course freedom and independence was not only to the nation but for every heart.


We saw states getting divided on political reasons, and till now none to control the emotions of the people.

We saw everything and we over went, and we will do the same, we are not waiting for any revolution, we people being human are waiting for the mankind, who would love to win the battle of good over bad.


As patriotism is not meant for not one day, which we celebrate, or which we stand for our national anthem early morning on that particular day, as patriotism we were unlucky to bloodshed our lives when we got these many years back though.

Patriotism towards a country as no language and no religion, no cast or creed and no difference among individuals, as even actions, prayer, well being and every little things adds on to it.


We believe and we observe and we continue to be the same for the materialistic world, we think of our self growth in terms of nation growing in.


We need independence for the filthiness caused by few people and which is in fact seen by others as a nation.


We do need freedom and I hope standing still altogether for the truthiness, honesty and self belief, we will achieve one day….


Then I would say, “Happy Independence Day”…




Soaring high

Reaching sky

Limit unknown

Reaching extreme happiness

As we give to this world

As we attain through freedom


Being a bird

Flocking together

We will show

Freedom in air

Freshening air which was polluted


Hope we altogether

Strive for the existence

Not for our soul

For the soul of motherland



Image Source: Google Images


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