Music Ought Together..!!





 With new songs

Ringing in the air

Every ear sought in


Every music loved in

A different scenario

Lost in


Where every deeds

Every memory was lost

For a moment


As I played you

The best

Soothing every little worry

Which was be sided in your heart



As I play in

Making your tears roll in

Not for me and you though


Sometimes with no reasons

Loved for the reason

With no existence

Playing with nature

Nurturing the surveillance

Of many hearts

Played together


As every emotion were you

As every detachment were you

As every love within were you

As every then were you

As every now and then were you


Solely being different

Solely, lonely at times

Solely, pneumatic

Thinking differently by others


Together adding on

Together loving each other

For subsidizing each other


As we all love together

As we sustain each other

None to recognize when played differently

Many to recognize when touching every other heart

Even if we played differently



Image Source: Google Images


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