As For me and you…..!!




Here comes down the heart


Never meant to share

Never meant to be shared


Which you and me never knew


Life ought to be soreness for some

Life meant to be much happiness


At times forgotten

At times laid down the earth



Rolling on the beauty

Of never finding you in any heart though


Loved to be a part of life

That all always shared its toughness

That was hard to gulp…


Finding me at every instance for you

Forgetting my tears within

Even though mine was thick

When a simple reason

Was important to resolve you


I ought to be always with you

No matter how hard I was with me


As for me

My existence starts with you


As for me

My transparency starts with your well being


As for me

I will be unresolved at times


As for me

I will be loved to resolve many problems within


As for me

I will forget me, until finding happiness within you



As for me

You won’t find any other shoulder better than me


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5 thoughts on “As For me and you…..!!

  1. Shiva..excellent!!… I was wondering was why that pic at the beginning…. You just stolen away the show at the last line … Loved it… Keep writing…

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