Infatuation every then….!!


Glimpses from this heart

When I saw you

But I am not the only guy

Who loves you alone

Very first day

For everyone though

Your smile was un-hatched like an egg

Making every little thing coming out of it

For me it was the smile in your love

For me it was the silence

Waiting to ask me

Who I was, disturbing you

Correlate, making us disturbed together

As, we were disturbed in love

At times, unsure

Where we were going in

But, thought and will be

An infatuation

As love meant to be many times


When you alone found me as a stranger

Instances ought to be

When I found among many hearts

When our eyes met together

Thinking laterally

Infatuation again

Thinking we won’t met again in life

This time we did

As a stranger staying close by

For a moment

For a reason

As nature had sent to be

We smiled at each other

Thinking that

One day we would express

Our infatuation

Our love together

As love was difficult to describe

BY this heart

At times loosing in

At times finding many

But at a moment

Sought Together

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