Moron Life many



Moron I was

As my tear had every reason

For being a part of you

As my tear was waste


In all learning a basic thing

From your supernatural thing

Which I couldn’t be


I was downturn

When I was mole

In terms of money


I was mole

When I was

Your importance

Wasn’t me

At times as we thought


I know your small living things

Was residing in every other


But still I wasn’t there


I don’t know for sure

Where I was going to be


As I was moving far away from you

As your happiness was not in me


As I thought

I laughed

In small things in you


Hardly will I find

In my death


Hardly will I find

When I am dead


Don’t want your tears

When I am not in


I was in need in your love

When I was live


This funny little world

Did remind of me.



But you didn’t

Remind me

When I was with you



Image Source:  Google Images



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