Friends Always Meant to Flourish









At times making you laugh

At times bringing tears

Some for Love

And some for disheartened


As importance lied in every other

That passed on the path of this heart


Nevertheless beauty lied in

Forgetting your tears and sorrow within


As beholding your emotions

Left on to this heart

As it was the best to rest in your every worseness


Nothing to worry

I would always smile

For the betterment of my friends

Being able to carry your load


No matter how hard this backbone would crumble

As it was again for every little thing which followed

A smile, laughter,


Being togetherness

Seeing success on to you always


As for me success was in you

As for me my heart was overwhelmed

When I heard you’re an important species

To be called by almighty on this earth

To suffice others

For their well beings


A promise meant within

Staying altogether

In every ups and downs

Of your life though


A promise which will be broken at times

As I was human too

Learning from mistakes

Forgiving meant to be in your hands

No matter this heart would remain the same


Every other time apart

Every other time being far off

Every other time when you were lonely

A wink to disclose

A remembrance in your heart

As I would be standing

In front of you

All along your life


As I was never far from you

When you were alone


As I was never far from you

When we were apart



Image Source: Google Images


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