Every Little World in heart…!!


Happened to be the last blog for the month of August 2013, which would never come again and would be remembered as a thought as it would have established, in these months never fought to be what was month and a date, but never then at instance would be… So here is my blog for you…

Learning from the existence

People cursing rupee

Many came to know what currency was

Including me


Was that a problem to be sought

As we felt it would bring in us as a picture of frame


Aren’t we troubled by

Rapes vulture around the country

In terms of women, corruption, faith and power


When was the last time we realized that

We corrupt people feelings

Would do something for it


Not for the reason

People with right attitude

Was important from lost faith

Who could struggle more


Learning their money kept

In anonymous bank

That was hard to reveal

By any other coming in


Peaceful world lost in…!!


Terror of blasting this world into pieces

As for you it was you who was dithered

Never approaching many others

Terror of killing innocence

Was only word to say your feelings


How about Syrian wars

Where chemical weapon was commonly used

Where blood was bathed

In existence for rights and falsehood


How about Afghans

Never conquered by any

Still being fought for some wealthiest


How about African agitation

Lost in regaining their existence


How about North Koreans

Heard Humanitarian at lost as a prisoners

Heard nuclear weapons being established for their sake of mankind


Some for weed

Some for natural wealth called diamond, gold, cast, colour and creed


Every region in its own troublesome

Bought by face off war

But never by peace

But when we would resolve the apathy

Of troublesome caused

Where every little world could have resided

Where every heart would have nurtured others


Never believed people around by

Civilization was far off to say

As we never learnt and respected

Each other’s feeling


As we would loose the regain of power

As an animal

That was called human on to this world

As one day this human would also be

Called an existence, endangered and alter on extinct species

By some other animal

As we have to other animals too


Image Source: Google Images ( http://www.fineartamerica.com, http://www.wondergressive.com )


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