Caught in the rain….!!






Peoples seeking me

Said …


That I shouldn’t share my feelings in my writings…


As it was downgrading many…

Thinking that I was more worse

In their feelings and others


Until now, I was never…

But I felt a bit

When you guys said….


Feelings when read

Thought about me by you

As a degraded and downgraded

Who had no other platform to share


I moved on…

You being worthiness

In no matter this diamond would shine

No matter you felt I was a coal…



Darkness felt  

As an unclosed chapter

Brightness felt

As an disclosed one

No matter how we take

I took in all

You being roused

In every darkness

And I enlighten you, now and then



Raining eve

As always monsoon

Bringing vibrant nature of togetherness



Dry leaves shattered

Gushing wind, making trees

To lose its feathers of colours



Every droplet making every then drench

Quenching thirst and anger

Spreading love togetherness



Nurturing every little seed to grow

Thereby evolving

Something usefulness to other lives


I standby

Waiting to move on


As every season

Bought different experience in one’s life


Sought to see

Every hand coming to hold mine

Some thinking this heart, was all alone

Some thinking this heart, needs uplift from worries

Every other thinking had a purpose in its life

As this life had too…


Nevertheless bound

To suffice your love, more than mine


Moving on ruthlessly

As monsoon had something else to say


There was a hand, holding me

Before knowing that I was held

It was the mutual support, care and love

Making two hearts stand together


No matter, what worse you feel about me

I will be the same, supporting every other in my life

Probably bought in this world to suffice you and many



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